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1. What is Binx®?

Binx® is the online platform bringing together independent mobile and home-based Hair and Beauty therapists to advertise their services to clients across the UK. You can browse a range of treatments available with independent therapists nearby and read reviews to find your perfect therapist, wherever you are in the UK. All therapists’ contact details are displayed on their profile so you can book directly with them outside of Binx®.

2. Is Binx® free to use for clients?

Yes! Binx is a free online directory of independent hair and beauty therapists. There are no fees for clients to use Binx®.

3. What treatments can I book on Binx®?

There are a wide range of Hair and Beauty treatments available on Binx®. Use our search tool to find treatments offered by therapists in your area.  New treatments are being added frequently so keep checking Binx®.

4. How can I search for a therapist?

Using the search bar on the homepage you can search by treatment category, type in a specific treatment name, or search ‘all treatments’ within your area. You can input your area as your town or postcode. All therapists meeting your search criteria in the surrounding area will be displayed and you can then further filter by more specific criteria such as ‘mobile therapists only’ or sort by criteria such as therapist review rating.

5. What is a mobile therapist?

A mobile therapist is a Hair/Beauty therapist who will come to you, e.g., your home, your office, your hotel – wherever you require a Hair and Beauty treatment!

6. What is a home-based therapist?

A home-based therapist is a Hair/Beauty therapist who works from their own home or premises, so you visit them.

7. How do I choose the right therapist for me?

Use the search function on the homepage and our easy filtering tool to narrow down and find your perfect therapist! Each therapist has a profile listing their treatments and reviews from previous clients, allowing you to make an informed decision prior to booking.  You can find a therapist’s contact details on their profile if you’d like any more information on their treatments, and to book.

8. Why do therapists charge different prices?

Therapists determine what to charge for their treatments. Some therapists may be more experienced or offer a slightly different treatment compared to others. Check out their profiles to decide who is best for you!

9. How can I contact a therapist?

Each therapist’s contact information is listed on their profile.

10. How do I book a therapist?

Binx® is designed to help you find your perfect local therapist. On Binx® you can find local independent hair and beauty therapists all in one place. You can browse therapists nearby, read their past reviews and when you find the right one for you, simply contact the therapist directly to book your treatment using the contact details provided on their profile.

11. How are therapist ratings worked out?

Clients are asked to write a review of their experience with their therapist. The rating is based upon the average star rating out of 5 calculated from the therapist’s past reviews. Note – before a therapist has received their first review, they will not display a rating score.

12. How do I pay for my appointment?

After selecting your therapist, contact them directly to book your appointment at a time and place that suits you. Payment is made direct to your therapist. We advise you to pay in person at your appointment.

13. I can’t find a treatment I am looking for.

If no therapists in your area provide the treatment you are looking for, keep checking Binx® as new therapists are joining frequently. You can also drop us an email and we will spread the word in your area!

14. I can’t find any therapists in my area – what shall I do?

Keep checking Binx® as new therapists are signing up frequently. In the meantime, spread the word in your area and invite others to join the Binx® community! You can also email us to let us know where you need us next!

15. Do you make checks on Therapists?

Binx® is the advertising platform for independent therapists allowing you to find local independent hair and beauty therapists in one place! Therefore, we do not make checks on therapists listed on the site. We advise you make your own checks as you deem necessary prior to making an appointment, such as verifying their qualifications. This is why leaving a review is super important to help others in the Binx community find great therapists!

16. How can I leave a review for my therapist?

Reviews are key to growing the Binx® community. Please review your therapist after your treatment to help both your therapist and future clients find a great therapist! After your appointment, please log in/create a Binx® client account. You can then visit your therapist’s profile page to leave a review. Here you can give them a star rating out of five and have the option to add further information and photos of your treatment.

17. Why do I need to create a client account to leave a review?

You need to create an account on Binx® in order to leave reviews. This is so we can contact you in the event that we need to verify a review was genuine and written by yourself.

18. What are favourites?

Another benefit of creating a client account is that you can add therapists to your favourites. This allows you to bookmark therapist profiles so you can compare and keep track of your favourites. These can be seen when you log into your account.

19. How do I create a client account?

On the homepage visit Register > client. Here you can create an account.

20. How do I log into my account?

Go to and click ‘sign in’ on the top right corner of the homepage then click on client.

21. I want to delete my account; how do I do this?

We’re sorry to see you go! To delete your account, log into your account and under settings you can delete your account.

22. I need to cancel a booking, what should I do?

Bookings are made outside of Binx® directly between the client and the therapist. Therefore, please contact your therapist with any booking and appointment-related queries.

23. What happens if I’m not happy with a treatment?

Binx® aims to grow a community of great hair and beauty therapists. You should first make direct contact with your therapist to try to resolve any issues. If you have had a bad experience, please email us to provide the full details so we can investigate – and continue to grow our community of great hair and beauty providers.

24. How can I contact Binx®?

Please email – [email protected]

That’s why we started Binx® – to take out the hassle of finding hair and beauty therapists near you. We’ve created a platform that brings together independent hair and beauty therapists across the UK to one place, allowing you to browse, compare, and find a range of hair and beauty treatments with an independent therapist nearby. You can find each therapist’s contact details on their profile and read reviews from past clients to help you find your perfect therapist.

Our mission is to empower and support independent hair and beauty therapists by giving them a platform to advertise their businesses, while allowing clients to search local, reviewed therapists and find great hair and beauty treatments wherever they are, across the UK.

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