Therapist FAQs

Hair and Beauty, Your Way

1. What is Binx®?

Binx® is the UKs online platform for independent mobile and home-based Hair and Beauty therapists, allowing you to advertise your services to clients looking for hair and beauty treatments in your local area.

2. How do I become a member?

Register as a therapist on our website by clicking on Therapist Registration. Here you can create a profile and list your treatments.

3. What is a mobile therapist?

If you are a mobile therapist, you are a Hair or Beauty therapist who travels to visit clients wherever they require a Hair/Beauty treatment. You must have your own transport if you are mobile. Please tick ‘mobile’ in your account if this applies to you.

4. I am a mobile therapist; how far can I travel?

In your account you can easily state your travel area. This will affect where you show up in client searches. Please tick ‘mobile’ in your account if this applies to you.

5. What is a home-based therapist?

If you are a home-based therapist you work from your own home or premises, so clients visit you. Please tick ‘home-based’ in your account if this applies to you.

6. Can I be both mobile and home based?

Of course – this gives clients and you more flexibility, just tick ‘both’ in your account!

7. Why should I join Binx®?

By joining Binx® you will become part of our UK wide community of independent hair and beauty therapists and become visible to clients searching for hair and beauty treatments in your area. No need to spend time marketing yourself – clients can find you, so you can spend your time doing what you love, Hair and Beauty! In addition, Binx® is your advertising platform – you are not employed by Binx® so you have all the freedom to set your own prices and schedule etc!

8. How do clients find me?

By joining Binx® you immediately become visible to clients looking for Hair/Beauty treatments in your area. Clients enter their location and treatments they are looking for, and if you correspond to their search, you will appear in their search results.

9. How do clients contact me?

When you create your profile, you supply your contact details which will be visible on your profile. When a client wishes to book with you, they will use these details to contact you – so please make sure they are up to date!

10. What should I charge per treatment?

It is up to you! Therapists decide the cost and duration of their treatments.

11. What qualifications do I need?

As per our T&Cs, all therapists are required to be at least NVQ/VTCT Level 2 qualified (or equivalent) in a UK recognised Hair/Beauty course and/or must hold any additional UK required qualifications for all treatments you offer. By listing treatments, you confirm this is the case. It is your responsibility to ensure you possess all legal and regulatory qualifications to carry out the services you are offering.

12. How do I upload proof of my qualifications?

On your profile you have the option to list any qualifications. You can also add proof of these, for example scanned or photographed certificates. Go to your account and select edit profile and here you can upload evidence. (Please note this will be publicly visible so do not upload anything confidential).

13. What certificates/documents should I upload to my profile?

Please upload any relevant Hair and Beauty qualifications/certification you have obtained. This includes all NVQ level certifications and any extra qualifications you may have to carry out certain treatments. The more evidence of Hair and Beauty qualifications you give – the more confident clients will be to book with you. What we don’t want is GCSE or A-level results though, we’re all about Hair and Beauty! You can also indicate if you are DBS checked.

14. Do you provide insurance?

No, Binx® is your advertising platform. It is your responsibility to ensure you have all required insurance in place.

15. How do I get paid?

Binx® is your advertising platform. Clients contact and book direct with you outside of Binx®, so they will pay you directly outside of Binx®.

16. How do I log into my account?

Go to and click ‘sign in’ > therapist on the top right corner of the homepage.

17. How can I change my profile picture or edit my account information?

Go to your account and select edit profile. Here, you’ll be able to update your details.

18. I’m trying to add a treatment to my account, but it isn’t listed as an option. What should I do?

In your account you can list your treatments. You can select from one of the popular categories such as hair and barbering > haircut making creating your profile quick and easy. If you offer a more bespoke treatment such as ‘hair weaving’, great! Simply select, ‘other’ at the bottom of the list and type in the treatment you offer. This will then mean that clients can find your treatment on Binx®.

19. How can my clients leave me a review?

By asking your clients to leave you a review you help grow your reputation on Binx® and can benefit from increased client search rankings. Your client needs to log in/create a Binx® client account and can then find your profile to leave a review. We only allow clients with an account to leave a review to help ensure we can track where all reviews came from if required. We advise you to request reviews from your past clients to help enhance your profile.

20. Can I respond to a review?

Reviews are a really important part of the Binx® community. You can respond to any reviews you receive. This can show potential clients you are interested in receiving their feedback and have a professional manner.

21. I want to delete my account; how do I do this?

We’re sorry to see you go! To delete your account, log into your account and under settings you can delete your account.

22. How can I contact Binx®?

Please email [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

That’s why we started Binx® – to take out the hassle of finding hair and beauty therapists near you. We’ve created a platform that brings together independent hair and beauty therapists across the UK to one place, allowing you to browse, compare, and find a range of hair and beauty treatments with an independent therapist nearby. You can find each therapist’s contact details on their profile and read reviews from past clients to help you find your perfect therapist.

Our mission is to empower and support independent hair and beauty therapists by giving them a platform to advertise their businesses, while allowing clients to search local, reviewed therapists and find great hair and beauty treatments wherever they are, across the UK.

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